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creators edition ; jeanne et romain x tyche agatha in paris


discover the photography duo jeanne et romain. a young pair from paris shooting exclusively on film and bringing a distinct nostalgia to their work, while showcasing fresh subjects, themes, ideas and scenes. they’ve worked on some incredible projects for magazines and platforms like noise mag, the kunst, duel mag, rain mag, wrpd mag, and even more cutting edge labels of the moment. we linked them up with our long time collaborator, tyche agatha, who is also a paris native and styles with the most exceptionally curated vintage pieces, hottest designers and in a way that showcases the possibilities of fashion today. when jeanne and romain reached out to us about shooting on film in paris we couldn’t think of anyone else to style the shoot and bring this concept to life. it’s nostalgic yes, but the concept penetrates to a deeper collective consciousness about sustainability.



the concept materialises in the intentional pairing of recycled sunglasses, vintage pieces and all shot on film. objects seemingly of the past made new and given a second life. brought into today with new purpose, new meaning, and given new life - this is your sign to be inspired by these creators and recycle, up-cycle, and re-think new ways to use old materials and objects. we see szades styled with vintage comme des garcons, op shop finds, and your parents’ old levis and it makes complete sense. our challenge to you, as inspired by this parisian rendevous with szade, is that when you leave the house and choose your outfit, you try to include at least one vintage find or recycled piece. tag your fits @szadecollective and follow @tycheagatha and @jeanneetromain for more inspiration. the team also included model and creative in her own right, lara denova @laradenova, and beauty by axelle charlemagne @axellechrl.