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a postmodern spring with szade ;

introducing our newest collection of recycled sunglasses.

a collection of recycled sunglasses for the thinkers ; those who demand more from society. for individuals who question and challenge the narratives, systems and hierarchies of the world and can see that the future starts with them. for those who want to confront the institution that is the fashion industry and provoke a response. for those who are brave enough to be bold and call for more than greenwashing. for those who understand that their
choices and voices matter.

szade ; more than sunglasses.

you are the only one who sees the world in this way ;

turn off your device. familiarise yourself with the reflection you see on the black screen. to see and be seen by one's self simultaneously ; is this the truth in your reality? perhaps you see the person you want to become, existing in a future that is yet to be set in motion. whatever you see or choose to see... it is yours and yours only.

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