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all good relationships are built on honesty, and none is more important to us than our relationship with you ; our collective. that’s why we’re keeping things real and are going to be as transparent with you as possible.

we don’t believe in careless overconsumption that feeds the fast fashion monster ; we believe in consciously curating your possessions and thinking carefully about what you buy and why you buy it. 

if you came here expecting to see bigslashed numbers and discount percentages plastered all over our website, we’re sorry to disappoint. 

if you came here to unconsciously overconsume on black friday you came to the wrong place. we ‘re not here to sell you things you don’t need, nor are we here to cash in on the frenzy of these sales. 

frankly, we’re not interested in black friday, however the industry has forced our hand to participate. we want you to be able to buy sustainable, and if we simply sit out, it means we’re removing a sustainable option and alternative. more szades on faces ; less frames in landfill. our model and our process is simple. 

if you’re going to spend your money and buy into black friday, shop responsibly and choose sustainable products that take waste out of the system, instead of creating it. choose products that align with your values and that mean more to you than snagging a bargain. 

having the freedom and means to choose and buy what you put on your body is a privilege and an opportunity to show the world who you are and what you believe in ; don’t let it be dictated by click-bait, influencers, tiktok and in this case, whichever company is spending the most on advertising their black friday sales. 

on thursday 25th november from 18:00 to 23:59 29th november site wide will be offered at 30% off.